Zinwa’s deadlines with Gwanda, Beitbridge lapses

Ellen Mlambo


BEITBRIDGE – Government’s ultimatum for the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) to handover water supply functions to Beitbridge and Gwanda town councils by April 18, 2022 lapsed without much progress, a situation that is perpetuating water problems for residents.

The Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Dr Anxious Jongwe Masuka told Two Nations on the sidelines of a ZANU PF PCC meeting in Beitbridge on Thursday that Government is anxious to see the two local authorities taking charge of their water supplies and therefore gave a directive that this be done by April 18.

The two local authorities which now operate on Zinwa bulk water meters owe the parastatal $240 million (Beitbridge) and $270 million (Gwanda).

Masuka blamed the two local authorities for the delay in the handover accusing them of lacking seriousness.

He said that Gwanda was a bit more serious than Beitbridge.

“Gwanda has made good progress but Beitbridge has regressed. Beitbridge has not made a decision on when they want to start the process of hand over, take over from ZINWA. They last met Zinwa on this issue in 2019 and then met again at ZITF a few weeks ago and that does not show seriousness,” he added. 

It is understood that Zinwa is holding onto the water plants because of the huge debts.

Masuka said Zinwa and the two local authorities must find ways of avoiding the use of bulk water meters because when there are water cuts they don’t discriminate between residents who are paid up and those who are not. 

“We have directed that parties resolve these differences expeditiously and in any case, we want to see water supply system handed over to the council in the shortest possible time. We have directed the parties and they must do that with speed. I urge these two parties that they must consider the residents and see a mechanism of ensuring that the technical aspect relating to the professional running of this water supply are handed over, there has to be a transitional period,” he said.https://twonations.co.zw/

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