ZANU PF councillor breaks leg fighting over married woman

By Two Nations Correspondent

Gwanda – Zanu PF Councillor for Ward 9 in Gwanda broke his leg during a vicious fight with a man who allegedly caught him with his wife in a car.

Thulani Moyo who is married, broke his right leg and had bruises all over the body and face, according to court documents seen by Two Nations.

Philani Dube the man who attacked Moyo was supposed to appear at Gwanda Magistrates Court on Wednesday facing assault charges but the case was deferred to allow Police time to investigate.

It is the State case that on February 19 2022, at 9pm, Dube found Moyo seated in his Mercedes Benz with his wife Sibonokuhle Mpofu.

Dube accused Moyo of having an affair with his ex-wife forcing Moyo to go outside the car leaving his car keys, cellphone and shoes in the car. The former started assaulting Moyo forcing Mpofu to flee the scene.

Dube struck Moyo once on the right cheek and he fell to the ground. He then continued to strike the complainant with stones as he lay on the ground until Moyo managed to escape leaving his car behind.

 A medical report says that Moyo suffered a fracture on his right leg inflicted by a blunt force.

Moyo however, denies having an extra marital affair with Dube’s wife alleging she was assisting him secure a shop to rent at Lushonkwe Business Centre when he pounced on them.

Dube denies assaulting Moyo arguing that they fought until he fled after he found him with his wife.

Sibonokuhle Mpofu however, denies being married to Dube referring him to his as her ex-husband.

Dube will also face charges of driving Moyo’s vehicle without his consent after he drove it for about 100 meters and leaving it parked in the middle of the road.

Dube will face a further charge of assault after he struck a passerby Innocent Ngirato with a stone after he enquired about the person who parked the car in the middle of the road.

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