Traffic at Beitbridge remains at 17%

Ellen Mlambo
Beitbridge – The human traffic in and out of Zimbabwe through Beitbridge Border Post has remained at 17% of the peak despite relaxation of Covid19 restrictions by both Zimbabwe and South African governments, according to figures obtained by Two Nations.

Between 2 600 and 2 800 Zimbabweans were cleared at the border daily in the last two weeks compared with the peak of 15 000 a day before lockdown, Beitbridge Assistant Regional Immigration Officer, Trustworth Manatsire told Two Nations.

The effect has been that cross-border buses remain docked making one trip in two weeks or never. Travelers who want to make a trip to South Africa have to book two weeks in advance and must wait until the bus gets enough passengers to make the trip and get even.

“In the past two weeks our daily average rose by 8% from the previous 2600 travelers to 2800. We are clearing 200 more persons daily.

The change is not significant,” said Manatsire.

He said that the traffic is probably still low because people are still enquiring on the requirements needed for one to cross the border.

Hopefully the situation will improve soon, he said.

The South African Government further relaxed Covid restrictions last month by calling for travelers to show either proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours.

What it entails is that travelers are required to have either a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test.

Efforts to get a comment from South Africa’s DHA Port Manager /in charge Immigration were futile.

Travellers who spoke to Two Nations said South African requirements remain strict. Most said that PCR tests at R850 or US$50 are still way out of reach of the common man and the fact that one should have a PCR valid for 48 hours is not feasible for people on cross border business.

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