Residents demand demolition of bloody Zanu PF center


Gwanda – Gwanda residents have petitioned their local authority to demolish Greenland, a business center created to empower Zanu PF youth but now a deadly place for blood fights, murders and vice.

Greenland is home to shops and bottle stores patronised by gold panners who frequently engage in deadly fights. On Sunday last week, Johnson Chauke, a gold dealer was stabbed to death by patrons who reportedly attempted to rob him.

This has sparked anger among residents who want the place demolished.

“The centre was at its inception meant to be a play centre for youth before it was hijacked by Zanu PF officials in the name of empowering Zanu PF youth. Now we also have State security agents running some of these shops, its Sodom and Gomorrah and if nothing is done we will soon be stepping on dead bodies every morning outside Greenland,” said Alleta Moyo a resident.

Former Gwanda Mayor and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Ward 7 Councilor, Jastone Mazhale said the business centre was constructed illegally.

“Greenland is an illegal settlement and council has been seized with the matter. We should move with speed and get a lasting solution to this problem,” he said.

However, Zanu PF Councillor for Ward 8, Ntuthuko Ndebele shot down the concerns and said the problems of vice and murder seen at Greenland are common at many other business centers in the district.

“We are approaching elections and people will say anything to discredit our party, people are being killed everywhere in Gwanda, people were shot and killed at Mantengwane, was it closed? Let’s see how far the petition goes,” Ndebele said ominously.

Matabeleland South Province Police spokesperson Loveness Mangena said she was out of office when contacted for comment.

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