RCU spreads wings to Beitbridge

Ellen Mlambo


BEITBRIDGE- The Reformed Church University (RCU) has spread its wings to Beitbridge after it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Municipality of Beitbridge in July this year to establish learning centers in the district. 

The RCU Registrar General Molly Mapanga has confirmed the development to Two Nations. 

In a statement to Two Nations, Mapanga said a request to have RCU degrees offered in the border town was made to the church leadership in Beitbridge sometime in 2021 during a Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) evangelism exercise. 

She said the request prompted church leadership to approach the local authority and was approved by a full council leading to the signing of the MoU. 

 RCU has since tested the market and got an overwhelming response. 

“The university management came up with an arrangement to send Masvingo campus lecturers on stipulated dates to meet physically with Beitbridge students for tutorial to cut travelling costs for weekend lessons

“Various online platforms like RCU E-learning, RCU student –lecturer electronic interactive platform and E-Chera are all being used to lessen the burden of transport costs on the students,” she added. 

Mapanga however, said the Masvingo campus remain the main learning centre of the university’s faculties of Education, Social Sciences and Commerce.

Mapanga said the university will establish a campus in Beitbridge if more students from the district continue to enroll. 

She said the decision came after complaints from residents who bemoaned lack of tertiary institutions in Beitbridge.

“The RCZ leadership, has considered establishing a campus in Beitbridge to quench the academic thirsty in the district, we have heard the call from the people and as an inclusive institution we have heed the call,” she said.

She added that RCU has plans to also establish learning centers in Gutu and Mutare to lessen the burden of travelling to the main campus especially to students who prefer distance learning. 

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