Polad’s Chikohora calls for a currency crisis meeting



GWERU – The Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) chairman for the thematic committee on economics Trust Chikohora has called for an urgent currency crisis meeting to find ways of mitigating the crisis that has seen the Zimbabwe dollar on a free-fall. 

Chikohora spoke to The Mirror in Gweru on Monday. 

Economists have put the country’s inflation rate at 96,4%, heightening fears of a return to the 2008 hyper-inflation period.

The US$ is now trading at 1:400 with the Zimbabwe dollar on the black market having been pegged at 1:1 in the last three or so years. At the inter-bank rate it is trading at 1:160.

Chikohora is also the president of the Coalition for Democrats (CODE). 

“As Polad we are calling for a currency indaba where we will have the Head of State, relevant Government ministries, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, captains of industry and labour to urgently discuss the currency crisis,” said Chikohora. 

He said such a crisis meeting was important to avoid an implosion of the economy as happened in 2008. 

President Mnangagwa last week blamed economic saboteur for the current economic turmoil. He said that the private sector was working together with Western countries to destabilise the country’s economy in a bid to bring regime change in the next year’s harmonized polls. 

President Mnangagwa has already promised measures that would soon be put in place to arrest the further fall of the Zimbabwe dollar.

“As a nation, we need to find an urgent solution on what needs to be done to stabilise the exchange rate for the benefit of the country. This is why we are proposing this currency indaba which will be no holds-barred. We need to get to the bottom of the matter so that we can stabilise the economy together,” he said. https://twonations.co.zw

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