Nengasha Safaris donate vehicle to Beitbridge RDC



BEITBRIDGE- Nengasha Safaris, one of the three wildlife campfire concessions holders in Beitbridge District has donated an Isuzu pick-up truck valued at US$35 000 to Beitbridge Rural District Council (RDC). 

The vehicle which was handed over on Friday last week is part of the concessioner’s tender contract between the local authority and Nengasha. The vehicle was handed over to council chair, Luka Costa Ndou.

Nengasha which is run by Paul Bennie is the lease holder of the wildlife campfire area known as Beitbridge West. The Safari successfully tendered to renew a lease period for a further five years.

Bennie told Two Nations that he developed a good working relationship with the local authority and the community in which Nengasha is operating.

Beitbridge RDC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Moyo confirmed the development in an interview with Two Nations.

Moyo said when Nengasha’s contract expired and the local authority called for tenders and received responses from three entities. Nengasha’s tender was the most lucrative and after due processes of procurement were followed, it won.

In addition to the truck and as part of its corporate social responsibility, Nengasha pledged to donate US$5 000 each year towards any community project submitted by council. 

There are three concessions in Beitbridge and these include Three Way Safaris operating in Beitbridge East, Nengasha in Beitbridge West and Sentinel-Limpopo Safaris under the Sentinel- Pingwe Project.

The concessioners operate on five-year contracts. 

 “We are assisting council and in particular contributing to the conservation of wildlife and natural resources in Beitbridge West area, which are resources available and belonging to the community. We also look forward to continue strengthening our relationship and working closely with not only council but importantly the community in the area,” said Bennie. 

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