Minister Zhemu commisions US$400k REA projects


BEITBRIDGE- The Minister of Energy and Power Development Soda Zhemu yesterday commissioned a US$403 589 Rural Electricity Authority (REA) project in Whunga, Ward 10, Beitbridge West.
The project has seen four schools, a rural health clinic and two business centres benefitting from the project.
Whunga, Madali, Dombolidenje primary schools and Malikuwa secondary, Whunga clinic, Dombolidenje and Dendele business centres now have electricity whilst surrounding communities will also be connected to the grid.
The 33kv line connection stretches for 26,14 km. The Rural Electrification Fund mounted 2x 25 kvA and 3×50 KVA, 33/0,4 kv substations.
In Mat South, REA electrified over 1000 institutions this year through funding from the Rural Electrification Fund.
The ceremony was attended by REA Public Relations and Marketing Executive Johannes Nyamayedenga, REA CEO Engineer Joshua Mashamba, Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority Engineer, Samuel Zaranyika, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development Magna Mudyiwa, Beitbridge’s District Development Coordinator Sikhangezile Mafu among other stakeholders.
Honourable Soda said it is his Honor and pleasure to address the rural electrification in Whunga area in Beitbridge of Matebeleland South.
” It is the government’s recognition of the provision of electricity as an economic and social development of our country. Rural Electrification Fund was established through an Act of Parliament with specific planning to facilitate rapid and equitable Electrification in rural areas in Zimbabwe in order to promote rural development and to improve rural life style.
My ministry will continue to explore ways of creating an enabling environment for the development of our country in general and provision of power with emphasis on rural areas that had been neglected for so long in the past, said Zhemu.
Ward 10 Councillor Edward Ndlovu applauded REA for the electrification project.
” Electricity is important especially to the young generation who are studying. Most of their studies needs computers. It will also help our schools which were using a lot of money traveling to town for photocopying exam papers and printing. Instead of going to town they are now serving money for other important things,” said Councillor Ndlovu.
He added that, ” Our health facilities as ward 10 are going to improve because our clinics can now store medicines in the fridges. “
A resident who spoke to Two Nations said business is going to be boosted in Whunga and their operating hours will also be extended.

“The quality of our education is going to improve and the development will also see rural schools doing practical subjects, ” said Truegirl Dube, a Malikuwa student.

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