Mbanje dealer offers Officer-in-charge $30 bribe

Ellen Mlambo


BEITBRIDGE – A Beitbridge man was arrested this week after he allegedly offered the member- in-Charge dog section at Beitbridge Police Station, Sergeant Tafadzwa Hove US$30 bribe to facilitate his release.

Simbarashe Muyambo (35) was arrested for unlawful possession of 70 cobs of dagga.

He appeared before Beitbridge Resident Magistrate Takudzwa Gwazemba facing two charges of unlawful possession of dagga and bribery and he pleaded not guilty to both offenses.

He was remanded in custody to September 6, this year.

Allegations are that on Monday cops were deployed on operation; ‘no to cross border crimes’ at the eastern side of the border, along the railway line.

Muyambo approached the security check point intending to pass through into Zimbabwe carrying a brown travelling bag.

The team stopped him and Constable Jimson Zano commanded his dog to carry out a search in Muyambo’s bag.

The dog indicated presence of drugs and Constable Zano opened the bag leading to the recovery of 70 cobs of dagga. Muyambo was arrested for unlawful possession of dangerous drugs for the purpose of reselling.

Muyambo allegedly offered Hove US$ 30 bribe to facilitate his release.

Pithey Magumula prosecuted.

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