Hubby stabs Beitbridge woman for attending party

Ellen Mlambo

BEITBRIDG E- A Beitbridge woman, Bridget Manhungo (24) narrowly escaped death after her husband stabbed her several times with a knife in the head, abdomen, breasts and other sensitive parts of the body after finding her attending a birthday party.

The incident happened on Saturday evening when the husband followed his wife to the party held Kuma 2 rooms in Beitbridge.

Manhungo suffered a deep cut running from the back of her head up to her left eye. It needed about 15 stitches.

Another cut ran from the top of her right shoulder down to her buttocks and it needed nearly 30 stitches and there is a third cut from her left armpit running down to the nipple of her left breast.

Police Officer Commanding Beitbridge District, Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo confirmed the incident to Two Nations.

The accused Elias Mauka (29) is on the run, according to sources.

When Mauka got to the party, he found his wife at the gate, collecting money from those who were entering the venue. He allegedly hit her with a fist and she ran away. He followed and stabbed her several times.

“I was attending a friend’s party kuma 2 rooms and I was collecting money at the gate. I had informed my husband about the party.  He came from nowhere and said; so is this where you are? What are you doing here? A man who was standing next to me was asked; so you are the one with her here? The man ran away when they started pushing each other. He turned to me and as I tried to run away he stabbed me all over my body. I was admitted at the hospital and got discharged on Monday,” said Manhungo.

Ward 3 Councillor, Takavingei Mahachi who is also the Beitbridge Municipality Gender Champion visited Manhungo. 

Mauka sells used batteries at Manica transit shed and also owns a snooker table at Shuleshule.

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