Gutu High students go on drinking spree

Ancilla Gotore


GUTU – Some Gutu High students who were ejected out of hostels and forced to sleep in the open over unpaid school fees on Monday are using their little pocket money to drink beer, reliable sources have told The Mirror.

The sources said that the students were seen drinking beer at Mpandawana Growth Point and Chisheche Business Centre while some returned into the school yard drunk.

The sources said that the situation at the school was chaotic on Monday night when the school head Mirirai Mutanda and the Priest-in-charge Rev Taru Mugoni refused the students accommodation thereby forcing them to sleep in the open.

Taungana Ndoro said he was not aware of the issue but described it as a disgrace if it happened.

“The action is unacceptable. The authorities were supposed to settle their issues with parents instead of punishing students and exposing them to dangers. This kind of punishment is a shock and disgrace to the Ministry of Education. I will have to contact Masvingo Provincial Education Director on the matter,” said Ndoro.

Yesterday, a director in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is said to have given a directive to the Provincial Education Director, Shylatte Mhike to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency. It was not clear how the issue has been resolved as some students were seen roaming around at Mpandawana as late as this afternoon.

Officials remained mum with Mugoni and Mutanda refusing to shed light to the Press. Some sources accused Mugoni of pushing the school head to act in the manner he did.

The move came after parents and the school disagreed on school fees structure with parents insisting on US$300 while the school demanded US$400. The head then refused accommodation to all students who came on the opening day without paying the full fees.

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