Foot and mouth outbreak reported in Beitbridge

Two Nations Reporter

BEITBRIDGE – Cattle sales in Musane in Ward 11 in Beitbridge have been suspended following suspicions of a foot and mouth outbreak in the area.

Ward 11 councillor Mpulukeng Lamula confirmed the matter to Two Nations and said a vaccination campaign had started since the suspected outbreak was reported during a cattle sale on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Lamula urged all farmers to bring their cattle for vaccination at every dip tank in Ward 11 to avoid the spreading of the suspected disease.

“I urge all farmers in the ward to bring their cattle for vaccination tomorrow so that the disease does not spread,” said Lamula.

Beitbridge Rural District Council (Admin and Human Resources Development Officer) Peter Ncube said the department of Veterinary Services was carrying out investigations on the outbreak.

Mat South Provincial Veterinary Officer Dr Enat Mdlongwa said he was out of the province when called for a comment.

Two Nations is informed that the Department of Veterinary Services has quarantined the area and suspended cattle sales while investigations are going on.

Musane is near Safari areas where there are buffalos and the disease is mostly common found in buffalos and there is a likelihood that it could have spread from there.

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