Finance Ministry promises to avail devolution funds in time  

Sibonguthando Dube

MBERENGWA-The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has promised to avail Mberengwa devolution funds in time. The delayed disbursement of devolution funds has resulted in several projects taking longer to complete in the district.
Speaking during the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) meeting held at Mberengwa Education Hall on Monday, Communications Director Pretty Moyo for the Ministry of Finance said they are working to disburse funds in time.  
“The ministry will work on late disbursement of funds so that you complete planned projects in time because listed projects on the budget are yet to start due to late allocation of funds.
“Devolution simply means giving power to the people. As the Mberengwa community, you have to sit down and decide what you want in your environment, such as roads, bridges, dams, schools, clinics or irrigation. 
“By doing so employment is created, good health and food security. Plan on things to achieve and people to participate and observe your achievements at the end of the year,” she said.
Moyo went on to say she is grateful for the contribution of Mberengwa in achieving the $12 billion realised from the mining sector.
“We want to thank people from Mberengwa and Midlands province for their contribution to the mining sector. Your contribution will enable us to achieve the $12 billion in the mining sector,” said Moyo.
Mberengwa District Development Coordinator Vafious Hlavati said they have achieved many projects in Mberengwa.
“A lot of projects have been achieved in Mberengwa. We have roads which are being surfaced and so far we have covered 7km of Mberengwa-Mataga road. We have completed the construction of the Marirazhombe, Bayayi and Garinyama clinics. There are irrigation schemes which are waiting for commissioning. We are working hard in finishing some of our projects which are under construction,” said Hlavati.

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