Court interpreter loses US$780 to robbers 

Ellen Mlambo

Two Nations Editor 

BEITBRIDGE – A thief broke into Beitbridge court interpreter Keneiloe Masera’s house twice in the last six months thereby prejudicing her of cash and goods with a total value of US$780. 

The last break-in was last Friday where in addition to the valuables, the suspected burglar took away pants and bras.

 Masera resides in a Government house in the CBD. 

The first burglary occurred on September 4 last year and stolen was her Lenovo laptop worth US$300 and two Itel phones Spark 5 and P37 Pro worth US$230. 

On Friday last week, the thief who is suspected to be the same broke in at around 3am and stole US$50, R750, a Samsung A3 core worth R1300, a handbag that contained a wallet that had her personal particulars which include ID, bank cards, work ID, Judiciary Service Commission (JSC) scarf, and other valuables.

The thief also took a toilet bag, pants and bras, Avon far away gold perfume, red doll and her son’s brown Jeep trousers which had R40 in the pocket. Masera said she heard lunch boxes falling from a gas stove whilst she was asleep and she thought they had been blown over by a running fan.

The thief gained entry after opening a three pane window. 

On the same day, around 4pm, Masera was notified by the Police that all her particulars except her ID were found in the bush near the railway line.

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