CCC make a clean sweep of Beitbridge 

Ellen Mlambo

BEITBRIDGE – The Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) won both wards that were up for grabs during Saturday’s by-elections in Beitbridge.

Both CCC candidates, Mayor Morgan Ncube and Granger Nyoni for Wards 4 and 5 were recalled by Douglas Mwonzora last year.

Ncube got 691 votes and his Zanu PF opponent Lawrence Ndishabe Tshili got 422 votes.  There were 10 spoilt ballot papers.

Nyoni won with 393 votes and ZANU PF’s Showa Moyo who was the council chairperson from 2013-2018 got 221 votes.

Peter Moyo was the ward elections officer for ward 5 and there were 3 spoilt ballot papers in ward 5.

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