Beitbridge, Vhembe seal twinning agreement


BEITBRIDGE- Beitbridge Rural District Council (BRDC) and Vhembe District Municipality of Limpopo, South Africa have signed a twinning Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
The MoU was signed on Friday last week by Vhembe executive mayor Nenguda Dowelani and BRDC chairperson Luca Costa Ndou at Mapungubwe National Park.
Beitbridge RDC Administration and Human Resources Development Officer Peter Ncube confirmed the development to Two Nations.
BRDC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Moyo and Vhembe Acting Municipal manager N.C Tshikovha signed as witnesses.
Vhembe Municipality runs several towns including Makhado, Thulamela, Collins Chabane and Musina.
The twinning arrangement began in 2022.
The ceremony was attended by Beitbridge councillors, Beitbridge RDC, CEO, District Development Coordinator, (DDC) Sikhangezile Mafu. Administration and Human Resources Development Officer and officials from Vhembe.
The MoU is expected to strengthen economic and social developmental relations between the two border authorities that share a culture.
The initiative is part of the Trans-Limpopo Spatial Development which is meant to create collaborative mechanisms between South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Dowelani told Two Nations that the arrangement will promote the economy of the two districts by creating markets for each other while promoting social cohesion which will put an end to xenophobia.
“The joint collaboration will improve economic opportunities for the two countries by creating new markets. It will go a long way in promoting social cohesion which will address the problem of xenophobia,” said Dowelani.
Moyo echoed Dowelani’s sentiments and said the MoU will improve economy ties and create new markets.
“The exchange will turn the two councils into development hubs that will see significant investment and progress that will uplift the livelihoods of residents while allowing unity between Zimbabwe and South Africa as they have a shared culture and history,” said Moyo.
Some of the MoU objectives are optimising the economic opportunities that exist between the local authorities in a manner that improves the quality of life of those residing within the districts, facilitation of sustainable development of natural and cultural resources in a manner that will lead to the uplifting of the communities, promotion of the local authorities as viable economic development areas with a comparative economic advantage and to pursue excellence in governance that will command investor confidence and thereby attract significant investment among others.
“The MOU forms part of the twinning between the local authorities. This arrangement may be terminated six months after written notice termination has been given by any of the local authority,” reads part of the MOU.
The Joint Local Authority Executive Council (JLEC) which comprises members from the two councils will meet once a year while selected executives from both councils will meet twice per year.

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