Beitbridge RDC $753m budget approved

 Ellen Mlambo


BEITBRIDGE – The Minister of Local Government and Public Works July Moyo has approved Beitbridge Rural District Council (RDC)’s $753 217 619, 58 budget for 2022.

The approval was confirmed by the local authority’s Administration and Human Resources Development Officer (AHRDO) Peter Ncube.

Fifty-one% ($380 349 976,07) of that budget will be financed by external funding sources while the remaining 49% which is $372 396, 715.51 will be financed by the local authority’s tariff income.

The budget increased from $412 748 107,00 million in 2021 and the council expects to receive $289 092 500, 00 million for devolution.

Ncube said the total comprehensive income collected for 2021 was $120 991 852,32 which is 55,88% of what was budgeted.

The total expenditure for 2021 was $119 171 263, 06 million.

Ncube added that the Fiscal grant (devolution) was one of the major streams of income in 2021 as they received $42 199 986,70 million which is 27% of what they had been promised.

Ncube said last year’s budget performance was affected by the major forces of the economy which had critical effects in terms of health.

“The budget performance was affected by the forces of the economy which had a critical effect in terms of health. COVID-19 was a big setback as we failed to collect revenue during the lockdown periods. The pandemic also affected the national Government. Our expectation on intergovernmental grant was affected because Government had to re-channel resources towards the pandemic,” said Ncube.

The major projects for 2022 include completing construction of clinics including Dumba Clinic in Ward 15, Lutumba, Whunga and Mazunga clinics.

The local authority will also develop two major cattle sales points at Penemene and Malibeng and continue to attend to the maintenance of the road networks, water provision infrastructure and schools.



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  • March 13, 2022 at 2:24 pm

    Thank you for your news. On the 04/03/2022, when I was on-board to BYO from Johannesburg, at around 2300hrs before the tollgate to BYO we were stopped by 6 army personnel in the dark for almost 30 minutes, until the bus crew gave them money, thus when we were released.


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