Beitbridge man appeals for US$5 000 for head surgery 



BEITBRIDGE- A Beitbridge man whose head has a large ulcer on the back is appealing for US$5 000 to undergo an emergency operation before the non-healing ulcer affects his brain or kills him.

Aurther Chimombe (20) also needs to have plastic surgery done on the head. The wound which is producing pus and requires cleaning every hour.

Chimombe’s father Richard told The Mirror Helpline that a doctor who referred Aurther to a neurosurgeon said the extent of the wound may have already affected his brain and he therefore needs an urgent operation. 

The operation was set to be done at Parirenyatwa Hospital, Harare in June for US$2 000 but doctors have allayed fears that Aurther may not make it that far.

A private hospital in Harare charged US$5 000 for the operation and the family has so far raised US$806 and ZAR1 900. Beitbridge Municipality Ward 3 Councillor, Takavingei Mahachi sourced some of the funds from well-wishers,” said Richard.

Aurther is currently staying with his mother, Dessy Katemanyoka in Beitbridge who has to wash the wound hourly to remove pus.

The ulcer began as a small wound after Aurther was accidentally hit by a stone on the head whilst herding goats. 

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