20 private schools operating illegally in Beitbridge

Ellen Mlambo

BEITBRIDGE – An estimated 20 private schools, both primary and secondary are operating illegally in Beitbridge urban causing headaches to the Ministry of Education and parents, a senior Government official has said.

Many parents are left stranded after being robbed of their money.

The problem is so serious that the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education conducted a roadshow awareness campaign in the border town on Thursday last week to sensitize parents on the dangers of sending children to unregistered schools.

Beitbridge District Schools Inspector (DSI) Mbofhololo Muleya told Two Nations during the roadshow that the schools operate from anywhere including private homes, garages, car parks, church buildings, wooden cabins and under the trees.

Eighteen of the reported schools are in Beitbridge urban while two are at Lutumba which is peri-urban. 

Many parents lost money to bogus schools whose owners can disappear without a trace.

 “The schools have caused headaches for parents as it is a problem for children to write external examinations like Grade 7 because the schools have no centres. 

“Some of the schools can disappear overnight and there are no transfer letters for children to look for places in public schools,” said Muleya.

Muleya said that it is illegal to run an unregistered school according to the Education Act and the Ministry will be advising Police of their locations so that they are arrested.

 “Parents are facing challenges and they come to us when they have been robbed. For instance, a number of parents came to our offices after sending their kids to a backyard school for three years and they wake up one day to find the school closed. These parents don’t have transfer letters and the children are stranded,” he said.

Formal urban primary schools in Beitbridge include St Joseph’s, Beitbridge Government School, Beitbridge Primary, Dulibadzimo, Oakleigh Trust House, Welton, Adriel Junior, Blooming Roses Private Infant and Innocent Souls Infant and formal urban secondary schools include Vhembe, St Mary’s and St Joseph’s Secondary.

Formal registered ECD Centres (pre-schools) include Baptist, Dorcas/ Salvation Army, Little Flower, Love World, Adriel Infant, Innocent Souls and Matakadzambilu.

Non formal independent registered colleges include Tromehus Independent, Oasis Independent, Beitbridge Academy Independent, Caleb Royal Institute Independent College, Welton, Herentals and non-formal Government correspondence primary schools include Roses of Sharon and New Beginnings Government Correspondence Primary. https://twonations.co.zw/

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